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Gel Nails #1-10 Is 30$

Gel Nails #11-20 Is 35$

Gel Nails #21-24 Is 40$

Gel Nails #25-42 Is 45$

Gel Nails #43-60 Is 50$

Full Set UV Power Add $5


Great Style For Everyone

I Love to Help People Feel Great about their nails

My Story

Hi everyone,

My name is Carmen. Do you need to do your nails? I can help you with it. Let’s email me or call me if you want to get your nails done. All of you must be so curious why I want to do this as a job? I do this because of my cousin. Because when I saw her doing this job she seems like happy and enjoys it so much. So that’s makes me feel like I want to help people to do their nails as well. Seems fun and not a hard work. So that’s why I am going to do it and have some fun. Hope you guys will find me and Let me do your nails for all of you. 🙂


My working Hours
Mon-Wed; 10am-5pm
Thu-Sat: 9am-5pm
Sun: 1pm-6pm


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Nail Styling

We do your style or you can choose a style and let us know.

Great Quality

All products we have are high quality. We do not use cheap products.

Affordable Price

Our prices are affordable. We offer better prices if you are a group.

Area of Expertise!

We can do different styles, if you have any style you like then just let us know.

We always follow fashion and do that for you. We always are trendy.

All our clients are fully happy with our work, we always take care for it.

After we finish our work, you can see before/after work.

I've Worked with Big Agencies.

We have a lot of experience. I have worked with a lot of big companies, now my own.

I Can Help You Take Your next Step.

Just visit me and consult with me. 


My Happy Clients!

Everybody like my nails ! She is very good and I will always use her. I highly recommend to all of you to try her.
Deborah Sims
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If you have any question, do not hesitate to come and visit us. We will recommend you for styles, colors, designs etc. We always take care for our clients.